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Concrete washouts with ramps makes it easy for both Pump & Mixer trucks to washout in the same place.

No need to build a second washout for the pump trucks and deal with a mess.

Rampless concrete washouts

Cemex batch plant, Sacramento, California

Our washout water vacuum service allows more room for solids

A vacuum of up to 300 gallons is no charge at removal or swap

Real-time LEED/Diversion reporting at time of service

We document both the liquids & solids for LEED & diversion programs.

Also offering paint & drywall washout services

Great for large & small projects. Each paint washout hold about 450 gallons.

We participate in the EID RAPIDGate program for military base access

We can provide services on military bases and airports in the greater Sacramento area

Requests your Caltrans submittals Now, as required before pouring concrete on Caltrans projects.

Our washouts are Caltrans approved

Requests Caltrans Submittals

The large capacity of our containers is cost effective and saves you money compared to other washout systems

One washout is recommended for every 350 to 400 poured yards of concrete

Watertight washouts keeps liquids & solids safely contained

Washouts hold up to 1200 gallons of material

Ramps fold back, saving space when not in use

Place ramps down for concrete pump truck use. Mixer trucks can pull along side

Multiple washouts can be placed for large pours

Clatrans freeway project


Our exclusive concrete washout with ramps allows both the concrete pump & mixer trucks a place to washout. This washout system is watertight, portable and EPA approved.

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Our ramp-less concrete washouts system allows mixer trucks and other trades a place to washout. It holds slightly more material than our concrete washout system with ramps and is also watertight, portable and EPA approved.

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Our 448 gallons paint & drywall washout provides a compact workstation for you trades to washout. It can be used for washout water from tile cutters, painters & more.

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NEW - Washout pans are here. Crane rated, highly portable, make these an ultimate tool for collecting washout or debris around your project.

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We do great work! See why customers who use our services are devoted to us. Move up to the best service and value in the industry since 2004. We provide superior products, service and provide real-time LEED diversion. In addition, we are a California Certified SBE (Small Business) Reach us by phone at 916.990.0842 or click the button to email us.

Since 2004, American Concrete Washouts has been providing services to customers including: